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Mayuko Fujino


I am a self-taught papercut artist from Tokyo currently based in Hudson Valley, NY. Inspired by Japanese traditional stencil textile designs, I have been practicing my art since 1999.

I had wanted to start a little surface pattern / textile business using my cutout design for some years, but never took that step - until the 2020 coronavirus lockdown began. It has posed many challenges for me, like for many other people, but I decided to take it as a chance to start a new adventure, and make my dream finally come true. That's how this art store Paper Tide kicked off.

I love bird-watching, so I often choose birds as my subject matter. When I am not watching birds, I pick up littered plastic bags on streets and make art with them.
For more information about my work, please visit:

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How my art is made

These are the tools I use to create my paper cut art. I use a cutting knife manufactured by NT-Cutter to handcut the details. Large cutout parts are sometimes cut with Cricut machine. The tiny circles you see in my work are handcut with circle cutting knives (Read more about them on my blog here). They are made for traditional Japanese stencil textiles, the craft which inspired me to start making paper cuts. I add new approaches, such as magazine page collage and encaustic to this technique to express my own voice. The tapes I use to make the collage part are acid-free double sided tapes. I use a custom-ordered stamp of the Chinese character taken from my name as my signature.

The paper I use is all acid-free, archival quality, including: Fabriano Ecological Artist Paper (sustainably made with hydro power & 100% recycled), Japanese washi paper such as Awagami Bamboo Paper (read more about it on my blog here), and Shiramine paper. Read more about paper here 1, and 2.

Watch the paper cutout process in action

My paper cutout / collage art making process featured on a Japanese TV program “Made in NY.” Produced by Broadway Caprice.